Enterprise in dynamics:

Treurniet empathic architecture is a small based team acting within the dynamics of the fluctuating Dutch market as well as in the highly increasing African market. In our opinion business is about focusing on who you really are. Our DNA is to add and to maintain a high emphatic attitude towards the design and the people involved. We believe architecture is a real experience, specific and accessible. Our field of activities is based on 40 years of expertise, our awareness of this moment and our curiosity towards the future. Containing projects of: Health & well-being, rehabilitation & renewal and African-Ethiopian culture. Using our wide range of relationships with additional specializations we are able to advance almost every kind of project and the best result for our clients.

Architect Jesse Treurniet

Inspring architect with high emphatic scales, listening, creative thinking and capable to combine different stories into one attractive design addressing most of the people involved. A curious person with 15 years of experience both architectural as technical. Challenging complex buildings from small to large. New and renewal buildings, in the Netherlands and abroad. 


In line with our way of working we aim at each design brief for optimal integration and coordination of all relevant aspects. This is our multidisciplinary approach and an open, creative attitude to the different design partners involved in the project comes first. Innovative initiatives are carefully factored in the design process. This approach leads to unique solutions and a balanced and durable end result.