New Ethiopian Parliament all about African Renaissance @ Ethiopia

Treurniet Architecture has joined a Dutch/Ethiopian design team which won the 1st prize in the competition for the New Ethiopian Parliament Building. The jury believes that this project is a total asset to the country. After realizing it can be easily predicted that both the government and the public will take great pride in the happening. In 2016 Treurniet Architecture has started the further development of the design to realise this prestigious design!

More info: ethiopian parliament

Sustainable improvement apartment building VI Sonneburgh @ the Netherlands

Sonneburgh dakFor SOR, the energy performance of the renewed senior building and the improved apartments is increased upto Label B. The existing glass panels are replaced by new HR ++ insulating glass panels. On the roof, in between the slanted parts, 90 solar panels are placed. 

Masterplan University Bahir Dar @ Ethiopia

Treurniet Architecture is the initiator of the Dutch/Ethiopian design team for presentation of a new master plan for the University campus in Bahir Dar. The field of 570 ha is beautifully situated between Lake Tana and the Blue Nile, which originates from this Lake. The educational program includes almost all conceivable courses ranging from polytechnics, Textiles and fashion, pedagogy, to economics and Agriculture. Special attention is paid to the natural development of the so-called wetlands a flood plain in between the campus and the Nile.

More info: Bahir Dar University

Building solutions new Dutch health care regulations

@ the NetherlandsBeth sanTreurniet Architecture has delivered solutions for home improvement and to add a new health care section within the health care center Nebo/Neborgh. In Beth-San 6 nursing rooms are realized according to the reversible build principle, which we have developed for the new construction in 2012. Showing that a foresight in developing of health care real estate pays off.

Feasibility study Jerusalem Church

@ the Netherlands

1259 voorgevel2In command of Jerusalem Church Managment, we looked for new opportunities to make use of this monumental church by applying our own developed REHAB methodology.